We've been teaching Martial Arts to kids in the East Midlands for over 10 years. In that time we've

had World, European and British champions, however what we are most proud of is the impact we've

had on hundreds of kids lives in the Coalville area. Through our Martial Arts we have inspired confidence, encouraged leadership qualities, transformed lives and bully proofed children, preparing them for adult

life. Martial Arts is about far more than kicks & punches!!


All our classes are structured, safe and age specific, as well as being led by experienced Black Belt

instructors who in turn are supervised and instructed by Master Craig Smith, Stealth's chief instructor

with 30 years Martial Arts experience.


We pride ourselves on our unique approach to teaching, we call in "Edutainment", we make each class not only disciplined, structured and energetic but also great fun. You will never do the same class twice at Stealth Black Belt Academy, we keep classes fresh and children excited and coming back for more each lesson. Classes consist of Fitness drills, pad work, basics, stretching, forms and bag work. Our training promotes healthy living, fitness, confidence, co-ordination, self-defence, flexibility and discipline.


As your child rises through the ranks there is the opportunity for them to train in more advanced classes and even attend tournaments. As well as hosting our own tournament each year we travel across the country and in fact the globe competing at the very top level. In Stealth's 10 year history we have taken teams to Italy, Canada, Ireland, Romania, France and Holland. Much of the cost of this is funded by our hard working mums who help run our student fund.


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